December, 2015

Dec 15

What’s the best McAfee MXLogic alternative? Check out SpamHero!

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Intel has announced that it is pulling the plug on it’s McAfee MXLogic (aka Intel Security spam protection) service. All MXLogic customers will need to find a new provider by January, 2017. As we understand it, they have been having issues with outages and poor performance for quite some time now.

If you are a customer of MXLogic, we encourage you to try out SpamHero’s 30 day trial.  Once you give us a try, you’ll wish you had said goodbye to MXLogic years ago.

If you are a reseller or partner with MXLogic, please check out our private label reseller program. It’s free and you can be signed up in the next 60 seconds.

Writing this blog post feels a little like déjà vu.  Probably because MXLogic’s story is so similar to Postini’s… Google buys Postini.  Google kills Postini.  Only difference here is that first McAfee purchased MXLogic, and then less than a year later, Intel purchased McAfee.

A little fish gets swallowed by a bigger fish only to be swallowed by a yet even bigger fish.  The little fish (MXLogic) is killed.

We wish a warm welcome to all our new customers coming from MXLogic!


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