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Setting up Geographic Filtering Policies

Tip: This option may be useful if you notice that there is a lot of missed spam from certain countries/regions.

To access the Geographic Filtering Policies, you will first need to log into your SpamHero account.  Once logged in, click on Settings > geographic policies.

The first option you will see is Domain Settings and Account Settings.  The Account Settings will apply any policies set to all domains on an account.  The Domain Settings will override the Account Settings, but apply only to the chosen domain.

This tool is divided up by Regions:

If there is a particular country in a Region that is causing problems, click on the [ show ] link on the right:

This will show you the specific countries available for setting a filter:

Once you find the country, you can choose a filter, and an option for that filter:

Don't forget to click Update after making a change!

Filtering Options:
  • Account - Defer action to account level policies.Auto - Not yet implemented.
  • Normal - No action is taken based on the sender's geographic location.
  • Deep Filter - Apply extra filtering. Messages will be visible in the Quarantine during the Deep Filter process and clean messages will automatically be released upon completion. The Deep Filtering process may take an hour or more.
  • Quarantine - Send message to the quarantine.
  • Trash - Skip the quarantine, and send to trash. Trash can be viewed from the quarantine viewer.

last updated Aug 13, 2015