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View and redeliver clean messages

Viewing Clean Messages

To view all clean messages that have arrived in the past 30 days, use the "clean mail" option on the Quarantine+ menu:

Locating a Specific Message

To find a specific clean message, search for a word or phrase from the From line or Subject line of the message like this:

Viewing the Contents of a Message

If you hover your mouse over a message, you will see additional options.  Use the "view message" link to view the contents of a message*:

*To view the body of the message you must be viewing the message from your private "my quarantine" area.

Viewing the Raw Message Header

To view the raw message headers, click on the "message header" tab while you have the message viewer open:

Redelivering a Single Message

To redeliver a single message, hover your mouse over a message to reveal additional options and then click on the "re-deliver" link:

Redelivering Messages in Bulk

If you need to redeliver several messages in bulk, click on the Bulk Redeliver button to release the messages that are in the current view:

To release messages for a specified window of time or specify other criteria, click on the advanced link:

After clicking on the Bulk Redeliver button, you'll be prompted to confirm the number of messages that will be released.

To view the status of a redelivery of a bulk release, use the bulk redeliver status tool:

Last updated April 24, 2021