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Can I add quarantine users in bulk?

Adding quarantine users in bulk is supported under our Enterprise and Reseller plans, using one the options below.

Using a comma separated list

Open the Settings > Quarantine users page in the white label control panel. First, click add, and then check the Add quarantine users in bulk radio button. You can then add all the quarantine users you need with a comma separated list.

If you'd like to make a quarantine user for every email recipient, you can first download a CSV for your email recipients by going to the Settings > Email recipients page, and clicking on the Export option at the top of the grid:

Using Active directory or LDAP

On the Enterprise or Reseller plans you can setup quarantine users in bulk via Active Directory or LDAP, as mentioned in this article:

Proposed feature: CSV file import with more options

CSV file import is not yet available, but you can vote for the feature in our Community Suggestion Box by going here:
(This link will prompt you to login)

This would be similar to using a comma separated list, but allow for setting additional options, such as configuring the quarantine reports.

Automatically set up quarantine reports for quarantine users

You can set up quarantine reports for users automatically. See:

Can quarantine reports be set up automatically for new and existing users?

Last updated October 31, 2022