Private Label
Reseller Program

  • Distributed cloud based spam filtering
  • Private label quarantine and control panel
  • Free email addresses & quarantine users

$4.95 per month

SpamHero is an easy, no-fuss solution. Setup was a breeze and it performs head and shoulders above what we used before.-Kevin Malone,
Private label spam filter
Add cloud based spam filtering to your service offerings today--it takes less than five minutes!   It's a snap to setup your customer mail quarantine and control panel with your own branding.  SpamHero works completely behind the scenes so that you're the only hero your customers ever see. 

Human powered filtering 
Our service outperforms the competition because our filter rules are crafted and managed by real people.   Our spam techs have already created 25,427,467 filter rules and we continue to add over 12,000 each day!    We also track over 100+ million senders to help identify and block new spam campaigns in realtime. 

No per-user fees
Filter mail for an unlimited number of users on each domain at no additional cost. Unlimited quarantine user logins are included too. Enjoy the simplicity of per-domain pricing.

Driven by customer satisfaction
SpamHero is built on the customer feedback we get through our Community Suggestion Box.   Any user can submit a feature request for the community to vote on.  We develop our service based on the feature requests that get the most votes.
Awesome feature set
Outperforms the competition
We catch more spam and do it with substantially fewer false positives than other spam filtering solutions.
  Easy to use
Nothing to install, configure or train. SpamHero will even detect your valid email addresses.
Tracking 100+ million senders Sender behaviors are tracked in realtime. The sender's reputation is weighed during the filtering process.
Over 25 million filters Every message is scrutinized through a mind blowing number of filters. All filters are consistently tested for accuracy.   12,000+ filters added daily Using spam traps around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly. Expert administration A team of spam techs work 24/7 to test and create filter rules. The result: consistently accurate filtering.
Even more features
  • Virus & malware filtering
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited quarantine logins
  • Unlimited domain aliases
  • Scheduled quarantine reports
  • Group quarantine support
  • Automatic email address detection
  • 30 day mail archiving
  • 5 day automatic mail bagging
  • Mail forwarding
  • Catch-all address
  • Domain wide filtering policies
  • Sender whitelist/blacklist
  • Active Directory / LDAP email address sync
  • TLS encryption
  • Distributed cloud based technology
  • Customer mail host monitoring and alert system
  • 30 day free trial for every domain
  • 24/7 redundant monitoring
  • 24/7 tech support
  • No contracts

Take a peek under the hood...
Setting up your private label user control panel is a snap!
You'll always have full admin access over your users. you can also control what they see.
Your customers will thank you when they see their in-box spam free!
Your customer email addresses are automatically detected!
The private label quarantine allows your users to review the spam that has been filtered.
The spam viewer enables your users to safely preview messages that were caught by the filter.

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*Requires annual pre-pay. Additional fees may apply for domains with high email volume. See pricing for details.