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It has been reported to us that Host Excellence ( is on the same network as IX Web Hosting.  So you should be able to use these same steps to get setup.

SpamHero is an excellent solution for customers at IX Web Hosting ( that want premium spam filtering.  To ensure a smooth transition to SpamHero, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Sign up for SpamHero at
  2. Open a support ticket with IX WebHosting support and send them the following message:

Hello support,

We are signing up for the SpamHero spam filtering service.  If our domain is currently being filtered through one of your IronPort filtering servers, can you please provide us with the host name of our mail server?

We need this because SpamHero has informed us that IronPort causes issues with email delivery when SpamHero is filtering our email.


(The mail server should be something like or .  If the mail server they give you is something like, then it's the wrong one.  The opentransfer server is the wrong one.  You need the or mail server.)

  1. After obtaining the name of your mail server from IX WebHosting, login to your SpamHero control panel and change the delivery host (under Settings > mail host) using the name you received from them.
  2. Update your MX records in the IX Webhosting control panel. 

Steps for updating your MX records with IX Webhosting:

  1. Login to the IX Webhosting control panel.
  2. Click on the Manage button displayed below the hosting plan associated with your domain.  This will take you into the H-Sphere control panel. 
  3. Go to Main > domains
  4. Click on your domain name, and then click on the edit link on the DNS configuration line.
  5. Click on Add DNS MX record, to add the first record (use cut and paste) as follows:

  1. Click on the Submit button and repeat for the rest of the domains.
  2. Finally click on the trash can icon next to the original MX record that IX WebHosting had assigned to remove it.  (This is important-- failure to remove the original MX record will cause unfiltered email to continue flowing to your account.)

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for outside mail servers to notice the MX record change, but some may pick up the change immediately.  Mail delivered to SpamHero will be held in a delivery queue until you complete step 5.

  1. After the MX records are updated, you need to contact IX Web Hosting one final time.  According to IX Web Hosting support, this request needs to be made after the MX record change.  Here is the request to send to IX Web Hosting support:
Hello support,

Our MX records for our domain now point to SpamHero's mail servers.  SpamHero's servers have been configured to deliver our email to IX Web Hosting. To prevent a mail loop, could you please have a server administrator add the needed LDAP record on our mail server so that it will continue to accept email for our domain?

Thank you.
  1. Once you have received confirmation from IX Web Hosting that the LDAP record has been added, send a message to your domain from an outside service (such as Gmail or Yahoo mail) to insure that mail is still delivering.
Last updated September 23, 2022