Pricing & Features

Awesome spam filter, fantastic price

Domain-wide Spam Filtering

Unlimited email addresses, one low price.

per month
w/ annual pre-pay
Annual pre-pay rate
$4.95/mo $59.40/year
Month-to-month rate
$6.95/mo $83.40/year
Additional 100,000 messages

Our domain-wide filtering plan includes 100,000 inbound messages free per month (clean or spam). Less than 1% of our customers ever exceed the included allotment

Overage Billing Spike Protection
Individual Quarantine Login

Also increases inbound messages allotment by 10,000 messages per month.

30 day trial period

Every domain gets a free trial, even if you already have multiple subscriptions.

Domain-based pricing
Unlimited Email Addresses
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Spam, virus and malware filtering
Over 22 million filter rules (and counting)
100+ million senders reputation tracking system
Virus and malware filtering
Domain-wide filtering policies
Custom domain-level filter rules
Fail-safe design
Email Archiving (30 days)
Mail Bagging (5 days)
Distributed cloud-based setup

(spanning multiple datacenters)

Destination fail-over MX support
Remote monitoring systems
Quarantine Plus message research tool
Schedule hourly, daily or weekly reports
View and recover quarantined mail (30 days)
View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days)
View message delivery status
View raw mail logs
Advanced Features & Intuitive Control Panel
Dashboard with statistics and message totals
Valid email address list
Approved senders list (whitelisting)
Blocked senders list (blacklisting)
Active Directory / LDAP Sync
Domain Alias setup
Custom Email Address Forwarding
Catch-all address
Basic encryption using TLS
Email Address tagging
Customer Support
First level support (via phone)

24 hours per day / 7 days per week

Second level support (via email)

Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm (MST)

Reseller Features
Private label quarantine
Customer mail host monitoring and alerts
Quarantine user auto-setup via LDAP sync
No charge for extra quarantine logins