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If you are receiving spam that's being delivered directly o your Microsoft 365 / Office 365 account, these instructions will show how to lock down your service to only accept filtered email from SpamHero. In some cases, this can have a significant impact on the amount of spam that reaches your user's email boxes.

SpamHero settings

Before getting started, confirm that your domain is configured to use the SpamHero static delivery IPs.

  1. From within the SpamHero control panel go to Settings > Delivery Mail host or use this shortcut:
  2. On the Delivery mail host page, switch your Mail host configuration to Mail host will only accept email from specific IPs or on a specific port. Doing so will ensure that we always use the same IPs to deliver your mail.



Microsoft 365 settings

  1. Go to the Connectors page in the Exchange admin center:
    If preferred, you can
    1. Login to your Exchange admin center (
    2. Click Mail flow > Connectors in the side navigation menu.
  2. Click the Add connector button

  3. Select Partner organization in the Connection from section, click the Next button

  4. Give the connector a Name, such as: Only accept deliveries from SpamHero and then click the Next button

  5. Be sure the sender domain matches radio button is selected, then put an astrisk (*) in the input field, click the Plus (+) button and then click on the Next button.

  6. Apply the IP address range restriction and add the SpamHero IP address ranges
    1. Check the box that says Reject email messages if they aren't from within this IP address range
    2. Place your curosr inside of the input, copy one SpamHero IP range, click the Plus (+) button.
      SpamHero IP ranges

    3. Repeat the previous step until all of SpamHero IP ranges are listed and then click the Next button.

  7. After reviewing the connector settings, click on the Create connector button

Last updated December 6, 2022