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How do I block spoofed messages that look like they're from my company but are not?

Spammers love to send spoofing messages to trick users into thinking that their CEO or their billing department is asking them to transfer money, or do some other task to phish information. These are obviously very dangerous attacks, but they can also be tricky to stop because they personalized messages that won't be recognized as spam.

The good news is that we provide two powerful ways to block these types of attacks:

  • To block emails that are spoofing your domain name on the From line, follow these instructions:
    Blocking spammers from sending email from your domain
  • Sometimes the spammer only spoofs the "display name" but uses their own email address. For example, they may send an email from "John Doe <>", where "John Doe" is your CEO's name, but the email address belongs to the hacker. To make the issue worse, your email software may only show "John Doe" as the sender, but not display the email address. To block these messages, see:
    Preventing display name spoofing

Last updated November 10, 2022