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Using CloudFlare to enable SSL on a custom domain to use with your white label control panel

You can either choose a sub-domain under a generic domain name that we provide, or you can use a completely custom domain that you have registered (or sub-domain of a domain name you already own). If you choose a sub-domain of the generic domain we provide resellers, we provide the SSL service and you can ignore the rest of this article.

If you go the custom domain route, you will need to use a CDN such as CloudFlare that can provide free SSL services for your custom domain.

SpamHero is not affiliated with CloudFlare, but SSL is required for custom domains, so we recommend using them. They have proven themselves to be reliable and completely free.

SpamHero steps

  1. From the SpamHero website, to go Reseller > Setup options, or use this shortcut link:
  2. Select the Use custom domain name checkbox and enter the domain name you will be using for your white label control panel.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button


CloudFlare steps

Already have a CloudFlare account?
Login to your CloudFlare dashboard, click Add site, and skip to step 3.

  1. Open
  2. Click sign up. Enter your email address and choose a password
  3. Click the Get started button at the bottom of the box that says Protect your Internet presence

  4. You will be prompted to Enter your site. Type your custom domain into the box exactly as you have it entered in your SpamHero Reseller settings.
  5. On the Select a plan page, choose the Free plan, and press continue at the bottom of the page:

  6. You'll then be prompted to add DNS records. Click the Add record button, and add a DNS record as follows:

    If you are using a sub-domain for your custom domain name (for example,, then instead of entering the @, just enter the sub-domain portion of the URL (spamfilter).

  7. Click Continue at the bottom, and follow the on-screen instructions to change your domain's nameservers to Cloudflare. (Or, look at their documentation for changing nameservers)
  8. Next, find the SSL/TLS page in the CloudFlare control panel:

  9. Make sure the encryption mode is set to Full:

  10. At this point, you should be done. Visit your custom domain, and you should see it load your white label control panel login page, with SSL enabled.
Last updated January 3, 2024