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How do I setup Quarantine Users?


  • Sign into the SpamHero control panel.
  • Click on the Settings > Quarantine Users as shown here:

  • Click on the +ADD button, which opens a form to add a new quarantine user
  • If this quarantine user login will be used for an existing account contact (in the Account > Account Contacts tab), click the "Account contact" checkbox:

If this is for a New User, you'll be prompted for their Email address and Name, and optionally their timezone.  By default the system will send them an email asking them to set their own password.

If this is for an Existing Account Contact then their information is already in our system and they will continue to use their existing sign-in information to access the control panel and their quarantine area.

  • List the Email aliases that you would like to see when this user signs in:

A single quarantine user login can be configured to see an unlimited number of email addresses.  This functionality can be useful if a single person has multiple email addresses or if several users want to share a single quarantine.  A group quarantine setup can be useful for small teams for departments that want to be able to share the ability to review the quarantine.

  • Click on the checkbox to accept the associated terms and fees.  Quarantine Users are billed on the same cycle as the domain it's associated with.  Changing the billing cycle of your domain will also affect the billing cycle of the quarantine users.

The billing cycle for your domain can be changed by going to the Account > Subscriptions tab.  Find your domain and then click on the associated CHANGE link in the Next billing column.

See also: Can I add quarantine users in bulk?

Last updated May 3, 2022