Spam Filtering

  • Stop spam before it reaches your domain
  • Filter UNLIMITED email addresses
  • Never miss important email
$4.95 per month

SpamHero is an easy, no-fuss solution. Setup was a breeze and it performs head and shoulders above what we used before.-Kevin Malone,

Outperforms the competition We catch more spam and do it with substantially fewer false positives than other spam filtering solutions. Easy to use Nothing to install, configure or train. SpamHero will even detect your valid email addresses.
Tracking 100+ million senders Sender behaviors are tracked in realtime. The sender's reputation is weighed during the filtering process.   Over 4 million filters Every message is scrutinized through a mind blowing number of filters. All filters are consistently tested for accuracy.
17,000+ filters added daily Using spam traps around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly.   Expert administration A team of spam techs work 24/7 to test and create filter rules.  The result: consistently accurate filtering.

Stop wasting time downloading and deleting spam and virus emails.
Let SpamHero automatically detect the email addresses on your domain.
Never miss an important email. All spam is stored in a searchable quarantine.
Safely preview quarantined messages with the links and images masked.

WOW! Just reviewed the past two days after beginning to use SpamHero. Perfect filtering. Nothing to add or change. Great service!

Tim Schneider
After searching for a year for a solution that actually worked, I chose SpamHero. Now our spam is virtually gone for the first time since we've had web presence! I recommend everyone try this system. See for yourself what it's like to be spam free!

Christopher Andrews
Great. Easy to setup. Working
like a charm!

Tim Jones
SpamHero has reduced our spam with almost 100% accuracy. Almost no time was required for set up. This is the best spam filter we've ever used! It reduced my e-mails from 150 to 25 per day.

Barry Jenkins
Take a tour  or  try SpamHero now!

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