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Spam Filtering
Starting as low as:
Annual pre-pay rate
($6.95/mo if paid monthly)

Our domain-wide filtering plan includes 100,000 inbound messages free per month (clean or spam).
Less than 1% of our customers ever exceed the included allotment. Each additional 100,000 is just $5/mo.

Standard Features
Domain-based pricing -
  Unlimited Email Addresses -
  Unlimited Domain Aliases [ details ] -
Spam, virus and malware filtering -
  Over 25 million filter rules (and counting) -
  100+ million senders reputation tracking system -
  Virus and malware filtering -
  Domain-wide filtering policies -
  Custom domain-level filter rules -
Fail-safe design -
  Email Archiving (30 days) -
  Mail Bagging (5 days) -
  Distributed cloud-based setup
(spanning multiple datacenters)
  Destination fail-over MX support -
  Remote monitoring systems -
Quarantine Plus message research tool -
  Schedule hourly, daily or weekly reports -  
  View and recover quarantined mail (30 days) -  
  View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days) -
  View message delivery status -  
  View raw mail logs -
Advanced Features & Intuitive Control Panel -
  Dashboard with statistics and message totals -  
  Valid email address list -
  Approved senders list (whitelisting) -  
  Blocked senders list (blacklisting) -
  Active Directory / LDAP Sync -  
  Domain Alias setup -
  Custom Email Address Forwarding -
  Catch-all address -  
  Basic encryption using TLS [ details ] -  
  Email Address tagging [ details ] -  
Customer Support -
  First level support (via phone) -  24 hours per day / 7 days per week
  Second level support (via email) -  Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm (mountain)
Reseller Extras
  Private label quarantine -
  Customer mail host monitoring and alerts -
  Quarantine user auto-setup via LDAP sync -
  No per-user fees -
  Annual pre-pay rate - $4.95/mo $59.40/year
  Month-to-month rate - $6.95/mo  $83.40/year
  Additional 100,000 messages - $5.00/mo
  Overage Billing Spike Protection [ details ] - Free! 
  Individual Quarantine Login
Also increases inbound messages allotment by 10,000 messages per month.
- $1.00/mo
  30 day trial period
Every domain gets a free trial, even if you already have multiple subscriptions.
- Free!

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