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April 21, 2015 - Network Solutions has recently adopted extremely aggressive IP blocking practices. If you use their web based email application, do not report spam directly to Network Solutions as it can cause our IPs to get temporarily blocked by them. When this happens, it affects delivery for any domains that are assigned the same filtering servers as your domain. In general, we do not recommend Network Solutions as an email provider as they have shown very little interest in keeping their customer's email flowing when problems arise like this.

SpamHero is an excellent solution for customers that host their email at Network Solutions that want premium spam filtering.

Special Instructions for Setting Up SpamHero with Network Solutions

When switching your MX records over to the MX records assigned by SpamHero, the Network Solutions control panel warns that all mail services will stop. The warning message looks something like this:

The reason this message appears is because Network Solutions assumes that by pointing the MX records to an external service, that email will stop delivering to them. Usually with an MX record change, that is true, but not in this case, since clean email will be delivered to Network Solutions servers after it is filtered.

It is safe to just ignore this warning message. This tip was shared with us by a customer. If you have any other tips to share with other Network Solutions customers, please let us know.

We've noticed that several customers accidentally delete their SpamHero MX records by clicking on the Email reset button in the Network Solutions control panel:

The above messages makes it sound like this reset is needed to enable email services. This is not true. Their control panel is just assuming that if you change your MX records, your email will stop delivering to them. In other circumstances, that would be true, but not in this case.

Last updated September 4, 2021