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What are MX records? How do I change them?

An MX record is a DNS record that tells the world where emails for your domain should go. SpamHero filtering services work by changing your MX records to point to SpamHero filtering servers, which will then receive all your emails, quarantine the spam, and send only clean messages to your mail host.

To update your MX records:

  1. Sign in to your hosting provider control panel.
    This is generally the place that you purchased your domain.
  2. Locate the MX record settings page.
    Depending on your hosting provider, this may be located in DNS management, Mail Server Configuration, or Name Server Management.
  3. Add the required MX records found on the setup page. If there are separate fields for "Name/Host/Alias" and "value" of each MX record, the required MX record goes in the "value" field. Set the "Name/Host/Alias" field to blank or "@".
  4. Once you've added the required MX records, check the setup page to confirm that you've added the records correctly.
  5. Remove all MX records other than the required MX records you just added. (if you don't remove these records, spammers will know the location of your mail host and be able to send spam directly to it, bypassing the spam filter)

Last updated June 13, 2022