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Outbound error: 550 5.7.1 Could not find a valid Account ID

If you are sending an outbound message, but the message fails with this error:

"550 5.7.1 Could not find a valid Account ID (0) for the given domain( (id: X0xxxx)"

There may be a couple situations you might see this:

  • The sender is using an email address with a domain that is either not subscribed on our system or not aliased to a subscription.  In this case our system will reject the message.  To solve this the sender will need to change their sender address to use a domain that is setup on our system.
  • Or, you might be forwarding a message out via our outbound system.  If this is the case, your email server may be using the original sender's address (such as, so our system blocks the message (since the sending domain is not subscribed or aliased on our system).  There are a couple steps to solve this:
  • Ensure you have the Smart host setup option enabled in the Outbound > Outbound settings page.
  • Once that is enabled, our system will allow you to forward emails on two conditions:
  • The envelope sender uses a domain that is subscribed/aliased, and the From address uses the original sender
  • The envelope sender is blank, but the From address uses a subscribed/aliased domain.

To change the sender address of a message that is being forwarded, you might be able to accomplish this by using Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS).  Here is our Postfix article about this:

Allow Postfix to Forward through Outbound Service

We do not have an article that explains how to use Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS) in Exchange or Office 365 yet, but here's a Google search that may help:

Setting up SRS on Exchange (Google search)

Last updated January 9, 2020

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