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Whitelisting a sender's email address or domain

If you find a 'good' email in your message quarantine then you can whitelist the sender directly from the quarantine by clicking on the link that says 'approve/whitelist sender'.

Our filters rarely identify good mail as 'spam' but it can happen.  For your own peace of mind you may want to whitelist your most critical email senders.  When an email sender's address (or domain) is whitelisted their mail will never be marked as spam or be placed in the quarantine.

Here's how to whitelist a sender's email address or domain:

  • Sign in to your control panel
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Click on the Approved Senders sub-menu item

By default you'll be shown the Approved tab, which lists email addresses and domains that we should always accept mail from without filtering.

  • Click on the +Add button

You'll be presented with a dialog box with a large text entry field where you can list the email addresses and domains that you want to whitelist.

Changes to your whitelisted sender list will normally take effect within 60 seconds.

Last updated September 3, 2021