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Can I change my domain name?

Yes. There are two different methods to accomplish this:

The manual method

To manually change your domain name, use the steps below.

  1. If you have a dedicated mail server and you have configured your mail server to only allow email to be delivered from SpamHero, switch your mail server to allow mail from anywhere again.  (For example, if you have shut off port 25 delivery or restricted delivery only from SpamHero's IPs, these changes will need to be temporarily reverted.)
  2. Switch the MX records for the old domain and any domain aliases that you set up in SpamHero so that they are all pointing directly to your mail server.  Wait 24 hours for these changes to propagate before proceeding to step 3.
  3. Remove all domain aliases and cancel the SpamHero subscription for the old domain.  If you have already paid for services, the billing system will automatically issue a credit that can be applied to the new domain. To verify that this credit has been applied, visit the Account > Billing activity page.
  4. Order and setup service for the new domain via the order form for existing customers (so that you do not need to set up a new account):
  5. Optionally set up the old domain as a domain alias of the new domain (be sure to change the MX records to match the primary domain).  Do the same for any other domain aliases you want pointing to the new domain.
  6. If you have a dedicated server and made any temporary changes in step 1, revert those changes now to only allow delivery from SpamHero servers.

With the above manual method, no domain levels settings from your old domain will carry over to the new domain.


The automated method

Important things to note:

  • The customer assumes all risk of using this method. We do not guarantee that all settings will be transferred from the old domain to the new one.
  • This feature is still in beta. It has performed as expected in our testing and on live domains, but it is possible that future updates or changes to other parts of our service may affect its performance in the future. The advantage of this option is that most domain-level settings, if not all, will be carried over to the new domain.
  • Account contacts and quarantine user logins that were on the old domain name will be automatically switched to the new domain name. Specifically, logins that were previously email@[old domain] will now be email@[newdomain].
  1. While not required, you may wish to point the MX records on the current domain name directly at the domain's mail server. We have not seen any issues with domains that have skipped this step, but this would ensure email flow would be unaffected (see above warning). An obvious downside here is that no emails would be filtered during the transition.
  2. If the new domain has already been set up as an alias for the current domain in SpamHero, you may wish to temporarily point the MX records directly to the domain's mail server. Again, this is just a precaution (see warning above). Others have skipped this step and have not reported any issues.
  3. Open an email support ticket and provide the domain name that you want to change and the new name. We normally process these requests from Monday through Thursday between 10am to 3pm (Mountain Time).
  4. Wait to receive confirmation from our support staff that the change has been made. By default, the old domain name will be set up as an alias of the old domain name, unless requested otherwise.
  5. Change the MX records on the new domain (and optionally the old domain name) to the new MX records that will be provided by our support staff when the change has been completed. The old MX records will continue to work for several days to allow mail to continue to flow for those that left the old MX records in place.
  6. If you are using our outbound service and you were using the old domain name to authenticate, be sure to update user devices and/or mail servers to use the new domain name. This is especially important if you later drop the old domain name entirely, at which point your outbound sending will cease to work.

Last updated November 22, 2023