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Before you click on the call or email button below, here are some of the most common answers:

New customers:

Make sure that your MX records were entered exactly as they were given to you. 

If your mail server is using cPanel, be sure to read about this simple tweak.

Check to if your host is on the list of Hosting Providers Requiring Special Attention.

Existing customers:

The most common cause is a configuration issue with your mail server.  To help troubleshoot the issue, login to the SpamHero control panel and view the raw mail delivery logs.

If you open a support ticket when your email isn't working, be sure to provide an alternate email address that we can still reach you at!

SpamHero filters out over 98% of unwanted email, but we're always seeking to improve.  Using the established methods of reporting spam will get issues reported directly to our spam techs.  Do not forward spam to our support team as that will only delay the process of getting missed spam blocked.

Absolutely! To submit a feature request, use our Community Suggestion Box. Be sure to check if your feature has already been requested first, as voting on an existing feature will get it to rise to the top faster.

You can also make a suggestion from within the control panel from the "Suggestions?" link (located inside the hamberger menu on the upper left).

Glad you asked.  Check out our self-help support area.

Self Support
Messages sent Monday through Friday before 5pm, Mountain Time (USA) should receive a response the same day. Otherwise, expect a response on the next business day.
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