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My Outbound Messages are Getting Rejected, What Can I Do?

I am using SpamHero's outbound mail system, and some of my outbound messages are being rejected with messages like this:

5.7.1 Message rejected for spam content ([category] Spam-Rule: {xxxx} id: xxxx)

How can I solve this problem, so I can send out my messages?

When this happens we recommend that you first re-word the message and try sending again.  If you still have troubles getting the message through, then if you can provide a copy of the message you are trying to send to our tech support, then we can review the message and potentially remove the rule that is rejecting your message. Also, one thing to consider, if the message is getting rejected from our spam filter, then there may be a chance that the end recipient may also filter the message as spam. So it may be best to re-word the message first.

Last updated December 10, 2019