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How do I determine why an email was not received?

SpamHero's Quarantine+ tool can help you track down missing messages. The background color of the messages listed in the Quarantine+ viewer indicate the delivery status of the message. Refer to the legend at the bottom of the Quarantine+ tool for details on the various icons displayed.


Good email blocked as spam (aka "false positives")

If a message was blocked as spam (indicated by a "pink" background color), hover your mouse over the message and click on the Deliver link:

You will be given the option to approve the sender so that future messages will not be blocked as spam.

Green/clean email that has not reached your inbox

Emails that have a green background are messages that your mail server accepted for delivery. Because your mail server confirmed that it accepted the message for delivery, the problem lies with your mail server. Grab the tracking information for the message and send it to the administrator of your mail server to track down the missing message:

Yellow/queued email that has not been accepted by your mail server

Yellow messages have not been delivered yet. The icon on these messages explain the reason:

Messages queued for delivery are ones that are actively going through our system. They are usually in this status for less than a minute, but on rare occasions, can take a bit longer.

Messages that have a status of Deferring or Failed delivery indicate an issue with your mail server. Sometimes looking at the delivery logs will show an obvious reason for the failure. For example, you might see something like "mailbox does not exist" (indicating that your mail server doesn't think the recipient exists).

If it's not obvious what the issue is, send the full log delivery attempts to your mail server administrator so that they can troubleshoot the issue for you.

Messages in Deep filter status indicate that the message has hit a rule (either user defined or a system rule) that is holding the message for a re-scan for a specified period of time. The rule that trigged the deep filter is displayed on the right of the message details:

Last updated June 27, 2022