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SpamHero is an excellent solution for customers at SiteGround that want premium spam filtering.

Here are the steps for setting up SpamHero with SiteGround:

  1. Review SiteGround's instructions for changing your MX records here:

    Changing Your SiteGround MX Records

  1. Using the MX records assigned by SpamHero, login to your SiteGround account and update the MX records for your domain.

  1. Because SiteGround has an automated system that shuts off local delivery when you point your MX records to an external service, you will need to contact SiteGround support and have them re-enable local email delivery for your domain. If the SiteGround support representative doesn't know how to do this, try a different support representative or send them to this web page. We have several customers using SiteGround successfully with our service.
Last updated July 11, 2023