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Outbound emails are landing in the recipient's spam folder, what can I do?

We understand that email delivery is crucial for your personal and business needs. And so it can be frustrating when your messages end up in the "junk" or "spam" folders of your recipients.

Our role in getting mail delivered

We work hard to ensure that we only relay "clean" mail. This helps us preserve our server reputation, stay off the blacklists and get your mail delivered. In the rare event that one of our servers is blacklisted, we promptly take action to route mail through alternate servers while we work to get delisted.

The rest of the story

Unfortunately, getting the message delivered is only half the challenge. It's ultimately the recipient's email provider that makes the final call on what happens to each message after it is delivered. And each provider uses their own proprietary algorithms to determine how the email is classified.

Beyond getting the message delivered, we have no way of knowing (or influencing) what the recipient's mail server does with the message. Most of the remaining factors are related to your reputation as a sender, the content of the messages, and your overall sending patterns.

Tips for reaching the inbox

Despite these challenges, there are steps you can take to improve your email's chances of landing in the recipient's inbox:

  1. Ask Recipients to Add You as a Contact: Encourage your recipients to add your email address to their contact list. This acts as a "whitelisting" mechanism for many mail servers and can help your reputation as a sender.
  2. Use clear, concise subject lines: Make sure your email's subject line accurately represents the content of your email.
  3. Avoid spam trigger words: Certain words and phrases, when used in subject lines or email content, can trigger spam filters. Research these terms and avoid using them.
  4. Use consistent sending behavior: Regularly sending large volumes of emails can raise red flags. Be consistent and considerate with your sending pattterns.
  5. Include SpamHero in your SPF record: This helps the recipient know that your emails are coming from a trusted source. Using SPF can also improve your reputation as a sender as well.
  6. Consider hiring an Email Deliverability Consultant: If deliverability issues persist, consider hiring a professional who specializes in maximizing email deliverability.

The goal is to build a strong reputation as a sender over time. Consistently applying these tips can help increase the likelihood of your emails landing in the recipient's inbox.

Last updated July 13, 2023