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Mail Relay IP Addresses

You can optionally have our service send email to your mail server from a fixed set of IP addresses. In order for this to happen, you will need to first set your Mail host configuration to Mail host will only accept email from specific IPs or on a specified port as shown here:

Once you do that, click on View IP Addresses as shown above to view the IP list. Having your emails deliver from a fixed set of IPs is recommended when you are able to limit what IPs can connection to your mail server or when configuring an SPF filter on your mail server.

Bounce/NDR Server IP (optional)

The bounce server sends NDRs back to senders when your mail server rejects a message. If the email users on your domain send outbound email from the same server that receives inbound email for your domain, this IP is not normally needed.

LDAP/Active Directory IP Addresses

If you are using our LDAP User Sync Tool then these IPs must be allowed to connect to your LDAP/Active Directory server.

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Last updated May 4, 2023