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Instead of linking a single login to multiple accounts, you may want to consider simply locking down the settings and shared quarantine of one sub-account. See this article for details.

By linking multiple accounts to a single login you can toggle between accounts from within the control panel.  When a login is linked to multiple accounts you will see all domains from all accounts listed in the domain selector at the top of the control panel on the right. Domains will be grouped by account. This can be helpful for IT consultants that want to assist clients that are set up directly with (as opposed to sub-accounts in their reseller account).

How to link a login to multiple accounts:

Adding the same contact to two separate accounts will automatically link that contact's login to both accounts.  The login is based on the contact's email address, therefore creating a contact with the same email address on two separate accounts will automatically give that contact access to both accounts.

Here's how to add a contact to your account:

  • Login to the control panel
  • Click on the Account tab
  • Click on Account Contacts menu link
  • On the Account Contacts page, click on the Add New button
  • Fill out the required fields.  It is important that you use the same email address when adding the same contact to each account.  Since the email address is used as for the control panel login, it is also what identifies a contacts as being the same person.
    When adding a contact to an account that already exists elsewhere you will see a note indicating that the contact has been linked to the account.   To see the affects of this change you must logout and then log back in as the contact that was just added.
Last updated September 7, 2023