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How do I cancel filtering services for a domain?


Directing mail back to your own server

Upon cancelling SpamHero will immediately stop accepting mail for your domain. Be sure you have reverted back to your own mail servers before cancelling.

  1. Update the DNS for your domain so that your MX records point email deliveries back to your own mail host. Also remove the SpamHero-related MX records from your domain's DNS record.
  2. Wait until "clean" mail for your domain is no longer passing through the SpamHero servers. Use the Quarantine viewer to see what clean messages have been received recently. Most mail servers will detect your MX records within a few hours, some may take 24 hours or longer.

Cancelling the subscription (or free trial)

You can cancel filtering services from within the control panel:

  1. In the SpamHero control panel, click on Account > Subscriptions (navigation tab and sub-menu item).
  2. Click on the cancel button next to the subscription that you want to cancel. 

Billing & Invoices

  • When cancelling a new account or free trial, all billing invoices are automatically removed.
  • When cancelling a subscription on an established account, a service credit is automatically added for the remaining time (minus pre-pay discounts). Payments made within the last 30 days are eligible for a pro-rated refund upon request, less a processing fee of 10% (minimum $10).
Last updated July 29, 2022