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Unfortunately, this workaround does NOT work for any web host using vDeck. :-(  We have opened a dialog with the creators of vDeck in hopes of fixing this problem.  Until we get this resolved, if you are on an affected host, you will not be able to use SpamHero unless you switch to a hosting provider that does not use vDeck.

If your host uses cPanel, ignore the instructions on this page, and use the following instructions:

Configuring cPanel with SpamHero

If your host is not using cPanel or vDeck, and your host is one of the few that automatically shut off email service when you switch your MX record away from their service, and you have already confirmed that your host is not on the list of Hosting Providers Requiring Special Attention, then read on. 

If your domain is using the DNS servers provided by your hosting company and your domain is registered at a third party domain registrar that includes it's own DNS services, try this:

  1. Leave your DNS settings (including your MX record) alone with your hosting provider.  Make a note of every record set up in their control panel.
  2. Go to where your domain is registered and recreate all the DNS records that you have set up under your hosting provider's DNS manager.  Be very careful to make sure all records are created exactly the same to avoid down time to your domain's website or other services that require DNS records to be in place.
  3. Switch your MX records to point your email to SpamHero on your domain registrar's DNS control panel only.  Leave your MX records in place on your hosting provider's DNS control panel.
  4. Switch from using your web host's DNS servers to using your domain registrars DNS servers.

In theory, this will prevent your hosting provider from shutting down mail services because in their DNS, your MX records are still pointing to their server.

If this solution works for you, let us know who your host is so that we can add your host to the list of Hosting Providers Requiring Special Attention.

Last updated December 13, 2012