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Free protection from overage billing spikes

If you are concerned about an occasional mailbomb giving you a big bill, don't worry!  We have a policy of waiving any overage that is more than $20 over your normal message volume in a given month.  If you get an unexpected overage bill, do the following:

  • Calculate your average overage bill for the past 3 months (the amount you pay for extra messages over the included allowance).  If you are in the second month of service (the first billable month), instead of an average, use the projected overage cost that was displayed on the dashboard during the free trial. In the third month of service, an average between the overage cost estimate during the free trial and the actual overage bill for the second month will be used.
  • Add $20 to that average.
  • If this figure is LESS than the overage bill you just received, this LOWER figure is your overage bill for the current month. 
  • Contact our billing department to have us make the adjustment. To benefit from this free protection, a claim must be filed within 30 days of receiving an overage bill.

So, let's say that your domain gets a very high message volume on a regular basis and therefore you get a $5/month overage bill every month.  Then, one month, you suddenly receive an overage bill because a spammer sent you millions of messages and you get an overage bill for $5000.  Ouch!  Lucky for you, our service includes free protection from overage spikes.  If you get such a bill, just notify us, and we will drop your bill from $5000 to $25 (which would be $20 over your normal bill).   Of course, this is just a theoretical example, your actual bill would vary depending on what your "normal" overage bill is.  

No worries...
You will likely never need to use this protection because large overages are extremely rare.  In fact, most domains never even get overage bills from us at all.  But, at least now you know that if you get hit with a massive bill out of the blue, we've got you covered!

Last updated March 6, 2023