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We have noticed that newer GoDaddy accounts no longer need these special instructions.  We are not sure when the change was made at GoDaddy, but if your account is newer than January 2014, you should be safe to ignore these special instructions.  If you are not sure if your GoDaddy account is on their newer platform, the instructions below will help you determine this.

When adding the SpamHero MX records, use the @ sign for the "Host" field, and the MX records we provide (ie, for the "Points to" field.

SpamHero is an excellent solution for customers at GoDaddy that want premium spam filtering.  There is, however, one thing to watch out for when using GoDaddy.  Check to see if your existing MX records on your domain look like this:

If your existing records match the above, then do not remove these records. This means that you are on GoDaddy's older platform. If you remove these records, GoDaddy will shut off your email services. Instead, first add the MX records that are assigned by SpamHero. Normally, they will look something like this:

Next, instead of removing the original MX records, edit the priority on them to set them to 25 and 35 as follows:

By leaving their MX records in place, some spam will go straight to GoDaddy's servers, but at least the majority should be filtered. Note that if you do not change the priority on their MX records, spam will not get filtered.

You might wish to check with GoDaddy to see if they can move you to their newer platform before enabling SpamHero, which will allow you to skip these special instructions and get better filtering results.

Last updated May 23, 2022