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Moving to a new mail server or hosting provider

Who's this for? This is intended for established SpamHero users that want to direct their mail to a new mail server or hosting provider. This article also should also be helpful for cases where your mail server's IP is changing.

Be sure that the MX records for your domain are always pointing to the hosts assigned by SpamHero. This will ensure that emails can be re-delivered if something goes wrong during the migration. You can view the correct MX records for your domain from the delivery mail host area of the SpamHero control panel.

With SpamHero, moving to a new mail server or hosting provider is pretty straightforward.

  • The migration is performed by simply updating your Delivery mail host in the SpamHero control panel (Under Settings > mail host).
  • If your mail hostname is staying the same but your IP address is changing, you can tell SpamHero to grab the new IP by doing a Flush Mail Queue in the SpamHero control panel (Under Tools > Flush Inbound Queue). This also flushes our internal cache of your mail server IP.

We have also compiled a few tips and things to consider for a smooth transition...

Before migrating...

  • Ensure that your new mail server is configured to accept all of your email addresses (including for aliased domains).
  • If your new hosting provider uses cPanel (very common), then be sure it is configured correctly before migrating: Configuring cPanel with SpamHero
  • Check whether your new hosting provider requires special attention (just in case there are known compatibility issues with your new provider).
  • If you are also changing DNS providers, be sure the new provider has the correct SpamHero MX records before switching your domain over.

After migrating...

  • Send a test message from a remote account (such as a Gmail address). In most cases, sending "from" the target domain isn't a valid test because the sending server intercepts messages to local recipients and handles them differently (doesn't check the published MX records).
  • If messages are not being delivered to the new mail host you can check the mail delivery logs to diagnose the issue.
  • For those that migrate to Microsoft 365, there are a few recommended configuration steps for Microsoft 365 users
  • For best results, secure your mail server to prevent spam from getting around the filter. If you're changing hosting providers and you don't have a dedicated server then this step will not apply to you. However, if you keep your MX records pointing to SpamHero throughout the transition then it mostly eliminates the need for this step (spammers won't be able to cache your mail host IP if it's never published in your DNS).

Last updated August 7, 2023