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View raw mail delivery logs for clean messages

To view the raw delivery logs of a clean message, from the Quarantine+ page, select the "All clean mail" option, enter a string from either the From or Subject line of the message:

Once you have located the message that you want to view the delivery logs on, click on the "Logs" option located below the message:

The logs from the most recent delivery attempt will be shown:

If more than one delivery attempt has been made, a list of delivery logs will be presented so that you can view the logs on previous delivery attempts.

Locating Tracking Information Provided by Your Mail Server

To track a message that has been delivered to your mail server, you can obtain the raw response provided by your mail server from the delivery logs on SpamHero.  This raw response will usually contain tracking information that you can use to track the message on your mail server (or, if you're on a shared server, you can provide this tracking information to your email host to track down the message for you).

First look for the line in the logs that says "status=sent" and to the right of that, you'll see that in the parenthesis (highlighted in yellow) it says 250 at the start; that means the message was delivered successfully.

Also in the parenthesis, you'll notice an ID (highlighted in green). This is the tracking number of the message from the server the message was delivered to.

The ID may look slightly different based on what type of mail server you have, but it will always be in the parenthesis near the end of the delivery log.

Here's a few examples:

If the delivery log is showing "status=sent" and the response code from your mail host is "250", then the message has successfully left our servers and arrived on your mail host.  If you cannot locate the message on your side, this is where the tracking information displayed here will be helpful for tracking down the message on your mail host.
Last updated December 9, 2019