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Why am I not receiving my Quarantine Reports?

Common causes

These are the most common reasons why a quarantine report might fail to reach you:

  1. No spam was received since the previous report (we only send reports if spam was quarantined).
  2. Your mail server blocked the quarantine report.
  3. Your local email client put the message in your "junk" folder.

Check the delivery status

Use the Quarantine report log to check the delivery status of any report: Quarantine report log

Ensure Delivery:

If your mail server is rejecting the quarantine reports or your email software is putting the messages in the "junk mail" folder, here are some things that can help:

  1. Whitelist SpamHero IP's on your mail server:
  2. Add (or noreply@[YourResellerDomainHere] for resellers) to your email address book (to whitelist the sender).


For Microsoft Exchange users, see: Prevent Exchange from blocking quarantine reports

Last updated March 17, 2023