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What happens if I don't pay my bill on time?

I can't have any interruptions in my email service. What happens if my payment fails or I forget to provide payment information before my free trial ends?

Our system is designed to be flexible and sensible. If you miss a payment (or a payment declines, etc) then our system will notify you by email and then automatically extend a 10 day grace period. If your account reaches 10 days past due then our system will charge a 10% late fee of (with a $5 minimum).

If your account reaches 30 days past due then services will be suspended. However, services are suspended in such a way that mail is deferred instead of being bounced/rejected. Paying the past due balance on an account that is suspended will instantly reactivate all services. Also, most mail servers are setup so that they will automatically re-try sending deferred mail for five days. In most cases there is minimal (if any) loss of mail for accounts that are suspended and then re-activated within a few days.

Here's a chart that shows how our billing system handles past due accounts:

Last updated April 11, 2021