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Why am I still getting the same spam that I already reported?

There could be several reasons for messages that you reported as missed spam are still reaching you:

  • The spam you received may not have actually come through our filter.  To check if that is the case, look at the Dashboard in your control panel.  If any of the reports you sent did not match up with spam that came through our system, you will see a message on your dashboard indicating this issue.  To block spam that is not coming through our filter, take a look at the tips we provide on securing your mail server.
  • The new spam you received might be slightly different than the spam you previously reported.  Spammers make small tweaks in their campaigns specifically designed to get around filters.
  • The message you received may have been allowed through because of a rule you created.  For example, make sure you have not whitelisted the sender's email address or domain and that you do not have any Custom Filter Rules that would allow the message past the filter.
  • There may not be a consensus among SpamHero users that the message you reported is actually spam.  Since these rules in our filtering engine affect all SpamHero users, we need to be careful that we do not create rules that block email that others have asked for and want to receive.  In cases such as this, either unsubscribe from the sender's emails or  learn how SpamHero can block specific messages or senders.
  • If the sender sends only to subscribers and has a clean reputation, their emails generally are not blocked, unless you have the bulk filter enabled. To filter bulk email, go to Settings > filtering policies  and enable the Bulk mail filter option.

If the message you received is a dangerous/malicious message and it made it through SpamHero, you can report it to our support team using the share selection tool after you have first reported it directly to our spam fighting techs.

Last updated March 29, 2024