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Reporting spam that was missed by the filter

Still getting a lot of spam?  This probably means that some spammers are sending directly to your mail server.  You can prevent this by securing your mail server.

Reporting missed spam via Quarantine Plus

Marking an email as spam from Quarantine Plus will automatically forward a copy of the message to our spam techs for further review.

  • Open the Quarantine Plus viewer and switch your view to show clean messages:

  • Once you've found the message that should have been classified as spam, click on the "mark as spam" link to report:

Reporting missed spam via your assigned reporting address

Each domain is assigned their own unique email address for the purposes of reporting spam. The exception to this is domain aliases; those will use the email address of the domain they're pointed to.  To see your domain's "Missed Spam" reporting address, go to the Dashboard in your control panel.

  • Select the original spam message in your email software
  • Use the "Forward" option in your email software to send it to your domain's unique "missed spam" reporting address

Follow these guidelines to to ensure that your "missed spam" reports are accepted:
  • Do not forward the spam message as an attachment.  Attachments are not currently supported, and reports sent this way will not be processed.
  • Do not include full headers.  The system that parses the message is looking for the standard abbreviated header that your email software creates when you simply forward a message.  Our system will use the From address and Subject line it finds in the abbreviated header to match the message back to the original message that came through our filter where we have full access to the raw message and headers.
  • Do not relay spam messages directly to your "missed spam" reporting email address (e.g. from your mail server)
  • If you have multiple domains, be sure to forward to the "missed spam" reporting address that corresponds to the domain that received the spam message.

If you want to automatically add these senders to the Blocked Senders list, go to
Settings > filtering policies, and check the box that says Auto-block confirmed senders from missed spam reports, then click Update at the bottom of the page.  This may not block all the senders, but verified senders will be added.  Unverified senders won't be added (it doesn't help to block random senders that won't exist after they send).

How forwarded spam reports are processed:

  • When a "missed spam" report is received, we gather as much information as possible about the original message (such as the sender, subject, recipient, etc)
  • Using the information that was found our system attempts to find the original spam message that was delivered.
  • As soon as the original spam message is found it is forwarded to our spam techs for further review and analysis.
  • The spam techs create new filtering rules based on the characteristics of the original message. See also:

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Last updated December 2, 2020