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Outbound email delivery and tracking service

Our outbound email delivery service is a great way to improve the deliverability of your emails and protect the reputation of your organization.


  • IP reputation monitoring
    We carefully monitor our IPs to ensure a high delivery rate of your emails.
  • Message delivery tracking
    Delivery logs are provided in the control so that you can confirm delivery of your emails.
  • SPF and DKIM support
    We provide the SPF and DKIM entries you need for maximum delivery results. Many popular email providers now require both SPF and DKIM signing before they will accept emails from your domain.
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  • Spam filtering
    We help protect your company reputation by automatically detecting and blocking most spam campaigns.
  • Flexible configurations
    Our outbound service can be set up to be used by just individual users of your domain or on a domain-wide basis if you have a dedicated mail server or are using Microsoft 365.


Outbound email support is included with our Standard, Enterprise and Reseller plans. Visit the plans page for details on limitations and overage pricing.

Configuring the outbound service

The three most popular ways to configure outbound sending are listed below.

Option 1: Set up individual users to send through SpamHero

If you do not have a dedicated mail server or Microsoft 365, then setting up your users to relay outbound email directly through SpamHero is your easiest option:

Setting up your Email Client for Outbound Filtering

Option 2: Relaying outbound email from your mail server through SpamHero

If you had a dedicated mail server, you can simply configure that mail server to relay outbound emails through SpamHero and no user changes are needed:

Routing outbound email from dedicated mail server through SpamHero

Option 3: Outbound filtering for Microsoft 365

It's now easier than ever to configure your domain's Microsoft 365 emails to send through SpamHero:

Filtering Microsoft 365 outbound mail through SpamHero

Last updated April 19, 2024