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SpamHero Bug Bounty Program

To ensure the highest security for our customer data, SpamHero has a bug bounty program. Therefore, the type of vulnerabilities that qualify for a bounty reward are the type that could put our customer's data at risk.

If you feel you have found such a vulnerability, here is how to collect a bounty:

  1. You tell us the URL that contains the vulnerability.
  2. On the server that hosts the URL, we will put a file on the server that is not publicly accessible and give you the path to the file.
  3. You demonstrate the vulnerability by telling us what the file contains and the steps you took to access the file.
  4. We pay the initial bounty reward.
  5. After we are able to replicate the steps you provided (and you answer additional questions we may have) we pay an additional bounty reward.

The amount of the rewards paid are confidential. Please contact our support team to learn more.

Last updated March 21, 2022