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What happens if I go over the included inbound or outbound messages on my account?

During the free trial period, inbound or outbound messages exceeding your plan's included messages will not be considered overages. Additionally, all overage fees incurred during the trial period are waived.

Exceeding the included messages for your plan does not prevent you from sending or receiving additional messages. Instead, message overages are automatically billed to your account at the end of each month.

When it is detected that your account is likely to exceed the included inbound or outbound messages for your plan, you will receive a notice that includes the projected overage amount, based on your average daily usage.


Monitoring usage

You can monitor your inbound or outbound message volume from the dashboard of the control panel:

Inbound messages

Outbound messages


Increase included messages

You can also subscribe to higher included inbound or outbound messages from within the control panel:

Inbound included messages

Outbound included messages


Billing spike protection

We also provide protection from overage billing spikes that are caused by unexpected or unusual increases in message traffic.

For details on claiming this protection, see: Free protection from overage billing spikes


Outbound billing exemptions

There are also some situations where mail is not included in your outbound message count.

See: How are the Outbound Message overages counted?

Last updated September 12, 2023