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Making a payment by check

It takes approximately 14 days for mailed checks to be credited to your account, as they are batched and processed once per week. You will likely receive a late notice before your payment is processed, but we will waive the late fee when your check is entered into our system.

Payment by paper check in the mail is only supported at this time if your account is being billed annually. To make a payment by paper check, do the following:

  1. Switch to annual billing. See: Switching between monthly and annual billing.
  2. Mail your payment by check to the following address:
    881 W. State Street #140-434
    Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

  1. Optionally, contact us to let us know that payment has been mailed so that we can suppress late notices.


Paying for new subscriptions

If you are making payment for your first month of service, be sure to wait until your free trial expires (or end your free trial early) so that you can see the exact amount of the initial bill. Because the first month is pro-rated, your initial bill will vary.

Remove automatic payment info

If you have payment information on file (e.g. credit card or ACH), you will want to remove it so that our system does not attempt to automatically charge your account. This can be done from the control panel by going to Account > Payment info and click on the Delete button (bottom-left corner)

Last updated September 28, 2022