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The Quarantine+ feature allows you to research the status of messages (both spam and clean messages) that have been received in the last 30 days:


My quarantine

Use this option to view messages received by the current email address that is logged into the control panel. When the page initially loads, only spam messages are shown, but, using the drop down menu on upper right side of the page, it is possible to view all messages that have been received:


Managing spam
  • Search for and view spam messages and raw headers that were caught by the filtering system in the past 30 days*.
  • Release quarantined messages and optionally approve (whitelist) the sender. [ details ]
  • Delete spam from the quarantine (messages are marked as "deleted" but are held for 30 days like all other email).
  • View deleted spam.
Managing clean emails
  • View clean messages and headers that have been received in the last 30 days*. [ details ]
  • Re-deliver messages. [ details ]
  • View messages that are queued for delivery. [ details ]
  • View delivery status and raw delivery logs for clean messages. [ details ]
  • View or re-queue messages that failed to deliver. [ details ]

*Emails are held in the system for 30 days and then permanently deleted.

Shared quarantine

This option is only available to authorized account contacts and works similar to the My quarantine option but allows viewing all messages received on a domain. By default, the contents within the body of clean messages are hidden in this view (unless the message belongs to the email address that is logged in).

Clean mail

This option is a short cut to view all clean mail received rather than spam. It normally displays just email that is received by the email address that is logged in, but for authorized account contacts, it lists all clean mail received by the entire domain.

Quarantine reports

Use this option to set up and manage quarantine reports that are sent by email. [ details ]

Last updated June 23, 2022