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Why am I getting subscription based emails from senders I didn't subscribe to?

There are multiple reasons this might happen.  Here are the two most common ways this can happen, and what you can do about it.

Subtle Subscription Practices

Sometimes you can be subscribed to multiple sender's lists just by making a purchase online. These usually come in the form of a "send me offers I may be interested in" check box that is selected by default and almost hidden at the bottom the "check out" page. To make matters worse, the merchant may also assume this means you are giving them permission to sell your address to other companies so that they can send you offers as well.

This is where we look for consensus from you and other SpamHero customers to report missed spam so that we can determine which email campaigns should be blocked. If you do not wish to wait until consensus is formed, or the emails are coming from a big brand that others may be hesitant to report as spam, you can use SpamHero to block specific messages or senders.

Email Harvesting

In other cases, senders are simply being dishonest and are harvesting email addresses to add to their "subscription" based list. Unless they very targetted in their harvesting methods, these types of senders will quickly end up hitting our spam traps and will soon get blocked by our filter automatically.

If you have already reported their emails as missed spam and they don't get blocked automatically over time, then it means the spammer is targetting a specific audience that isn't producing enough consensus for rules to be created by our spam techs. In those cases, you can still use SpamHero to block specific messages or senders.

Last updated February 10, 2014