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How do I enable Quarantine Reports?

Quarantine reports can be enabled for the shared quarantine or for individual quarantine user accounts.

Enabling Quarantine Reports for the Shared Quarantine or My Quarantine Views

From the shared quarantine or my quarantine views, users can enable their own quarantine reports using the link shown here:

Only account contacts (those listed on the Account > account contacts page) are considered account administrators and have access to enable reports for the shared quarantine.  Account contacts can also set up quarantine reports for any quarantine user by going to the Settings > quarantine users page, hovering over an existing quarantine user, and clicking on the reports link:

Quarantine reports can be scheduled to arrive daily at a specified time or weekly on a specified day of the week:

Tip: You can have the report sent to multiple email addresses by entering a comma separated list.

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last updated Aug 17, 2015

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