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Setup valid email addresses for your domain

There are three ways to add new email recipients:

**1. Using the Catch-all.** 

Because email sent to email addresses that have not been detected as valid yet are subject to "greylisting" (which can cause a delay on the first email sent to each recipient on your domain), it may be desirable to add email addresses manually or by adding them via Active Directory or LDAP.

When service is first activated on a domain, the catch-all feature is temporarily enabled, making it unnecessary to add email addresses manually.  Email addresses that are detected are added to the detected on the Settings > Email recipients page:

After the 30 day trial is over, the catch-all is automatically disabled, unless you implicitly enable or disable it sooner than that.  See: Should I turn off the catch-all feature?  You can optionally move detected email addresses to the Approved or Invalid tabs by selecting one or more email addresses and clicking on these buttons:

Email addresses do not need to be moved to the Approved tab to be considered valid.  Email addresses that are marked as invalid will be cause further email addresses to those addresses to be rejected (and will not be stored).

<a name="manual"></a>2. Manually adding email recipients

Email addresses can be manually added by going to the Settings -gt; Email recipients page and clicking the Add recipients button:

3. Using LDAP.

See: Using Active Directory Exchange or LDAP to set up valid email addresses.

Last updated August 5, 2020