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SpamHero is a great spam filtering solution for customers using Microsoft Exchange.

Basic configuration

If your domain's MX records are pointing directly to your Exchange server, SpamHero's provisioning system will attempt to do the first step for you, but it is a good idea to verify your settings.

  1. Login to your SpamHero control panel and go to the Settings > Mail delivery host page and enter the hostname or IP address of your Exchange server.
  2. Switch the MX records for your domain to the ones assigned to you by SpamHero (and remove all other MX records). The MX records can be found on the Settings > Mail delivery host page under the Required MX settings section of the page.

At this point, email will start to flow through the SpamHero service within 24 hours. Any detected spam will be held in the SpamHero quarantine.

Other recommendations

Last updated September 12, 2022