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SpamHero is a great solution for customers using Microsoft Office 365 that want better spam filtering.

Basic configuration

There are only two steps required for setting up SpamHero with Office 365:

If you sign up a domain for SpamHero that is already using Office 365, our provisioning system will attempt to do the first step for you, but it is a good idea to verify your settings.
  1. Login to your SpamHero control panel and go to the Settings > Mail delivery host page and enter the hostname from the MX record that Microsoft assigns to your domain. It will look something like this: 
  2. Switch the MX records for your domain to the ones assigned to you by SpamHero (and remove all other MX records). The MX records can be found on the Settings > Mail delivery host page under the Required MX settings section of the page.

Important: To avoid interruptions in mail delivery, SpamHero should be added as a "Connector" in the Office 365 control panel.

Follow the guide here, in "example 4":

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Last updated September 27, 2021